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Product specifications: can cooperate common string (e.g., IMAX B8) or independent impact (such as the UN A6) charger for 6 groups of the same type, section number 2-6 s parallel balance charging the battery pack. 6 groups can support both 2 s, 3 s or 6 groups, or 6 groups of 4 s, 6 groups of 5 s, or parallel balance charge or 6 groups of 6 s.
Detailed parameters:
1. The equilibrium output by more than 20 awg silicone thread.
2. The main output line with 14 awg more high quality silica gel line.
3. Equipped with safety protection T silica gel cap.
4. Adopt high quality AMASS output plug.
5. Thicken PCB copper foil, allow security using 30 charging current
Product features:
1, with short circuit protection function.
2, support 3 sets and filling plate combination (can be to 18 groups of the same nature of the battery at the same time).
3, 20 z of super thick copper foil sustainable 60 a resistance to flow.
4, to avoid a single battery charge too much, and thus can improve balance efficiency, greatly reduces the late stage of the balance charge cycle.
5, charging time is only a single battery charge time, thus can save battery charging time.
6, to avoid repetition and replacement battery trouble.
Use the steps:
1, will balance the ends of the cable respectively received balance charger and the balance of the pad on the terminal.
2, to balance the power terminal of pad to balance the output terminal of the charger.
3, will the battery to charge.Insert the balancing head first, and then received battery output terminal.
Set the charging voltage (single battery) and current, current setting method is as follows:
I = i1 + i2 + 3...N 6 or less (in)
I: Total Current.(the total current)
I: the charge current of every '.(each battery charging current)
N: the quantity of barrery (the total number of cells)
If you balance charger maximum output current is less than the total current "I", please set the current of charger to the maximum.To balance the maximum current is 60 a pad.When charging the battery voltage must be the same, capacity and discharge rate can be set freely.After several times of balance, the voltage will be more balanced, less pressure difference.
If only for less than 6 pieces of batteries, please insert housing on the T or currently use other plug, because when charging, each T plug has electricity, such doing can avoid safety accident

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