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Openpilot CC3D Flight Controller for Multi-Rotors (Right Angle P

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CC3D Flight Controller - The Perfect Choice for Multirotors
Sometimes ago a group of volunteers developed a flight controller called the CC3D for multi-rotor craft, helicopters, as well as fixed wing aircraft, it shocked the multi-rotor industry, because the performance of the flight controller is brilliant, it works really good with the right parameters, and the software keeps evolving as it is a open source project, the experts keep refining the software program code and keep exploring it, that makes the CC3D Flight Controller the first choice for DIY Multi-rotors.

What about CC3D Flight Controller
The people who developed the CC3D (OpenPilot Community) has tried to make your experience as easy and trouble-free as possible. Naturally for a high-end product, the hardware is complete; there is nothing to solder. The included RC Receiver Cable allows you to connect any standard RC Receiver (PWM standard). All CC3D boards circuit were tested before shipping and loaded with Firmware onboard, all you need to do is connect the board with a mini-USB cable (included) to computer and use the CC3D Software (called "OpenPilot Ground Control Software") to set the correct parameters for your airframe.

The CC3D (OpenPilot) project is still young, people are trying to make such Open Source product (which means a bunch of RC players made the CC3D) much more user friendly. OpenPilot software is designed to be used by everybody, all major operating systems are supported and install packages are provided. The software is all Free software under the GPLv3 license and not only are you welcome to hack it, but we encourage it!

Please note that CC3D has no GPS function at the moment, so please consider the CC3D is for "Fun" flying, it's not a "Pin-Point" accurate aerial filming flight controller.

How does it perform?
The CC3D Flight Controller gives the drone different character, it could be a Gentleman or a Beast, depends on what parameters you typed in the CC3D Computer Software (called "OpenPilot Ground Control Software"), it could be a slow and Extremely stable drone for cruising, or a fast drone with fast cornering and quick acceleration for racing and flying thru forest. We like to use it for the second one, as all of our speed drones are using CC3D.

What airframe for the CC3D Controller?
Basically, it works for all kinds and all size of airframe, 250 Quadcopter, 650 Hexacopter, 1000 Octocopter.... you name it, it will work. BUT, it's not really a Plug and Play product, you'll need Two kinds of knowledge to use it - Mechanical and Computer knowledge. You'll find most of the connection and guidelines in the CC3D website right here.

It turns your drone to a tempted animal
It makes your drone very easy to fly and very stable. (*with the correct parameters in the CC3D computer software called "OpenPilot Ground Control Software")


    Powerful STM32 32-bit micro controller running at 90MIPs with 128KB Flash and 20KB RAM
    3-axis high-performance MEMs gyros and 3-axis high-performance MEMs accelerometer
    Tiny 36mm x 36mm 4 layer PCB for superior electrical noise reduction and flight performance.
    Software support for Windows, Mac and Linux
    Direct high speed USB support with no drivers required, a truly plug and play device.
    Spektrum satellite receiver support
    Futaba S-BUS hardware support
    Innovative Flexi-port technology for superior port flexibility (for adding interesting gadgets, available later)
    4Mbits on-board EEPROM for configuration storage

Specifications :

    Dimension : 36mm x 36mm
    Weight : 15.1g with Case, 6g without case
    Mounting : Four X M3 holes, 30.5mm apart

This package includes :
1. 1 X CC3D Flight Controller w/ Plastic Case
2. 1 X RC Receiver Cable
3. 2 X AUX Cable (no use at this moment)
4. 1 X 3M Double side foam tape