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Matek PDB BEC-5V/3A 5 in 1 V3 LED Lighting Control Tracker Low V

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Five functional integration: panels, two-way BEC, LED lighting control, tracking, low voltage alarm; 
2 oz copper foil 4 layer board PCB and ensure the large current through; 
Dual BEC, DC - DC synchronous rectifier 5 v voltage regulator (3 a), linear 12 v voltage (500 ma @ 4 s input, 500 ma @ 6 s input); 
Battery electric welding plate arranged in pairs, is advantageous for the weld line; 
BEC input with TVS to protect, prevent impact spark plug the battery in high voltage DC chips;
With 5 v LED lighting control, has a long, slow flash, flash, three states available remote control shifter lever switch freely; 
Trackers, remote dial rod triggered buzzer and LED flashing, facilitate looking; 
Low voltage alarm, a 3.4 V, 3.5 V, 3.6 V cutoff voltage can choose;
36 * 46 mm, mounting hole from 30.5 mm (such as with Naze32 CC3D 36 * 36 size of mounting holes)

PDF manual:

Pay attention to the input polarity section board, do not reverse connection, short answer!
3 pin in the middle of the row needle, with 5 v voltage is connected to the receiver, don't need to take BEC welding plate electricity;
Linear 12 v voltage regulator has very low ripple, not on the image signal interference, no extra filtering.
BEC the 12 v input also support 3 s battery, but the output voltage v = 3 s real-time voltage - 1 or so
With 3 ~ 4 s batteries, BEC12V 500 ma can be used to map (maximum 600 mw figure pass) and camera power supply at the same time;
Points behind the panels do not contact with carbon fiber sheet, easy to short circuit.Please use double-sided foam rubber or nylon column separation installation.
Using the PPM receiver on Naze32, setting method of channel control BB please see pictures below.
Optional X2-5 v electric lamp