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KDS Flymentor 3D Combo

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KDS Flymentor 3D Combo

What does the flymentor 3D do? 

It can let you AUTO pilot the helicopter and keep it hover in FIXED position.

This Flymentor 3D is consist of three modules, Flymentor Mixer,

CCD Camera and 3 Axis Gyro.

It is very easy to configure and use Flymentor 3D

For a beginner, it is recommended to seek help from more experienced pilot

During setting up, please be careful to the followings

It is recommended to make electronic connection between tail pipe,

motor shell and helicopter base for earth connection

If the tail drive structure is belt, you should pay more attention to this issue

Attrition between belt and metal will get static electricity, and it will disturb other electronic devices of helicopter

Confirm all parts of Flymentor 3D have been mounted on helicopter firmly,

and the lens of CCD can see the ground, and you should keep the lens clean

The sensor of Flymentor 3D must be mounted horizontally

The Flymentor should keep away from engine and vent-pipe, because the vibration of engine will disturb the working of Flymentor 3D,

and the smoke from vent-pipe will cover lens of CCD

You may add magnetic ring on wires between controller, sensor and CCD to reduce electronic disturbance

The wire should twist magnetic ring for three circles at least Channels of aileron, elevator and pitch must be connected with receiver

Connections of gear and aux is optional

Wires which are unused should be locked to prevent unexpected affection

Slot of controller which is unused should be covered to prevent oil stain or oxidation

The maximum turning speed should not exceed 360/s, otherwise the Flymentor 3D may work abnormally

Flymentor Mixer

This mixer is the the processer of the auto pilot system,

it receives signal from the CCD Camera and the 3 Axis Gyro,

then it commands all servos(Cyclic and Rudder Servos).

It can be placed anywhere, just away from vibration and heat

CCD Camera

Used for "Positioning Mode".

The CCD Camera should be mounted underneath the main shaft or on the side frame of the helicopter,

with the lens pointing at the ground and free from vibration,

it works best in the attitude of 1m to 3m.

The CCD Camera's job is to take image of the ground,

then to provide a signal to the Flymentor Mixer,

and gives the correction to the cyclic servos.

To have best result,

make sure that there are enough light intensity and something easy to locate on the ground surface,

like grass, because the Camera can't see very well in dim condition and it can't recognize flat snow or flat sand,

it requires "Something" to see,

it will not work in dim condition or low contrast color surfac

3 Axis Gyro

3-Axis Gyro means it can sense X, Y and Z axis moments,

that means body leaning forward / backward, body rolling left / right, tail drifting CW / CWW,

it will constantly monitoring any off-balance in all directions,

then it will give signals to all CCPM servos and Rudder servo to balance the helicopter,

it works constantly and unless you have the helicopter drifts too much,

you will not even notice the system exists.

This gyro also contain some Temperature sensor and some other sensors too.

Also, needs to isolate it from vibrate and heat.

The following diagram will simply tell you more on how it works

Here are some highlight features of the KDS Flymentor 3D

Control all movement. including attitude stabilization, speed control, position locking CCD sensor to capture picture of ground, comparing pictures to avoid drifting

Switch working mode (horizontal mode and position mode) through AUX channel

Integrating head locking gyro and swash plate mixer

Control sensitivity 3S 120, 3S 140, 4S 90, 4S 90+45

Keep balance in inverted flight

Configured by computer through USB

If you are using FM/PPM remote control device, when helicopter is out of control,

the Flymentor 3D will set aileron, elevator, rudder to neutral,

and keep pitch in the final signal position, and switch to positioning mode automatically, the sensitivity is 70%

Configuring Flymentor 3D must use a computer,

you should take a computer with USD port and mouse,

and it must has Microsoft Windows OS (Windows XP / Vista / 2000)

The Using flow of Flymentor 3D. You can divide them into two stages, Mounting stage and Flying adjustment stage(As shown on following pic)

The position to install the Flymentor components,

you can take reference on where they are installed on KDS Helicopter.


Voltage: 4.8 - 6.0V

Current: 55mA (under 5V)

Temperature Range: 0 - 40

Weight: 37g

The software only work on Windows XP.

It DO NOT work on Vista or Windows 7 yet

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