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JR DSX 7 2.4G DSM2 Radio Gear Combo

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DSX7 2.4G DSM2 Radio Gear Combo

With the DSX7 you’ll be able to fly anything from micro electric helis, to big gas-powered

planes without regard to frequencies and free from fear of interference.

Never again will you have to ask, “What channel are you on” Never again will your flying

experience be interrupted by model-generated RF noise, interference from commercial

broadcast towers, or anyone on another RC system.

The big difference with DSM2 is that it not only flies any size model with absolute

precision and complete freedom from interference, but it also processes its signal faster

than any high-end 72MHz PCM system

DSM2—Security and Speed: 

Unlike most first-of-its-kind innovations, DSM2™ is not an unproven concept.

It is based on the same Spectrum 2.4GHz DSM (Digital Spectrum Modulation) that RC car

racers, as well as micro electric and park flyer modelers, have been enjoying for at least

two years.

Like DSM, DSM2 provides an impenetrable radio link that’s immune to every known type

of RC interference. Because it operates at 1024-bit resolution, it provides the kind of

locked-in response that will have pilots feeling more connected to their models than ever


RD721—Spectacular Signal Clarity: 

The RD721 dual receiver that comes with the DSX7 is key to the system’s incredibly

robust RF link.

Comprised of a compact main receiver that is linked to an even smaller satellite receiver

by a 6” lead, the RD721 acts as a pair of extremely sharp RF “eyes” that each take in a

slightly different view of the signal environment. Information from both receivers is then

processed by patent pending Spectrum software that takes information from each receiver

and combines it to form the most vivid “picture” of an RF signal than has ever been

possible before.

What’s more, there are no long antennas to accommodate.

The RD721’s short 3” antennas don’t require any external exposure, so installation is an

absolute breeze

Servo Sync and Model Match—Extra Safety and Precision:

DSM2 and the RD721 aren’t the DSX7’s only marvels.

JR engineers have come up with two more patent pending innovations that you’ll wonder

how you ever lived without—Model Match™ and Servo Sync™. Servo Sync is an

ingenious new feature that actually re sequences the bits of data the DSX7 transmits

based on the type of mixing you select.

So, if you have a dual elevator on your big Extra or a 3-servo CCPM setup on your heli,

Servo Sync will see to it that those servos working together receive their impulses


The result is more synchronized servo movement that translates into an undeniable,

locked-in feel when you fly.

Model Match puts an end to the “wrong model” syndrome.

Almost everyone who flies RC has at one time or another crashed because of neglecting

to verify the model name on the transmitter display during preflight check.

A unique code is embedded in the DSX7’s signal so that, if the wrong model’s name is on

the screen, the model’s controls simply won’t respond

Spektrum DSM2-Compatible:

Spektrum radio owners and anyone else who flies small electric models will be pleased to

know that the Spektrum receiver works perfectly with the DSX7 too.

20-model memory

Airplane and Heli software

Switch assignment


3-axis dual rate and expo

5-point throttle curve (Heli)

3 flight modes plus hold (Heli)

Gyro programming (Heli)

CCPM, 2-servo 90 degree, 3-servo 90 degree and 3-servo 120 degree

Configured to default to airplane model type (all heli programming is available)

Airplane Features:

Aileron to rudder mixing

3 position flap

Flap-to-Elevator mixing

Flaperon mixing

Delta wing mixing

Aileron Differential

V-tail mixing

Three Programmable mixing

Helicopter Function:

5-point Throttle Curves

5-point Pitch Curve

Gyro programming

Flight mode switch

Throttle hold

Revolution mixing up and down

One programmable mix

Supports 90,100, 120 degree CCPM mixing

Independent digital trim setting for each flight mode


Based on popular XP7202

Heli and Airplane software

Dual rates on aileron and elevator

Exponential rates on aileron and elevator

Dual and exponential rates

Trainer system compatible with Spektrum and JR radios

Adjustable stick length

Throttle trim only affects idle position

Two-speed scrolling

Throttle-smart fail-safe system

Switch assignment

Servo Monitor


1 x JR DSX7 - 2.4GHz Transmitter

1 x JR RD721+EA101 7 Channel Receiver

1 x JR 9.6V Ni-MH 1500mAh Transmitter Battery

1 x NEC-322 Battery Charger input AC220V 50Hz

3 x E539 servos

English Instruction Manual

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